Wonder Woman visits the Port St. Lucie Business Women

d-kamm-1Port St. Lucie Business Women member Dorothy Kamm morphed into Wonder Woman at the November 3 meeting, held at Tutto Fresco. Using the character of Wonder Woman as a model and a metaphor, Kamm offered tips and tools, which she called Power Points, to benefit the presence and performance of her fellow “Wonder Women.”

Wonder Woman, who in everyday life was military intelligence officer Diana Price, used her identity to learn of situations that would require Wonder Woman’s intervention. At pivotal moments, Wonder Woman proved to be the most competent person to tackle a crisis, whether by exercising her knowledge or her power.

Kamm then offered the following four Power Points to activate her fellow Business Women’s superhero qualities.

Kamm began by teaching attendees how to do Superbrain Yoga. Performing Superbrain Yoga on a daily basis increases intelligence and helps maintain psychological balance.

Power Point number two, Mindfulness, is when one observes thoughts and feelings without judgment. To achieve mindfulness, Kamm suggested paying attention, as did Diana Price. Practice standing still and observing the world around you. This can lead to recognizing opportunities so you can act upon them, as did Wonder Woman.

The next Power Point, Presence, ties in with Mindfulness. To be present one must be attentive, connected, integrated and focused. Kamm emphasized being a good listener and letting others speak first. Something important may be revealed, again presenting an opportunity for action that results in a positive outcome.

For the final Power Point Kamm had the members stand and pose like Wonder Woman, with legs in a wide stance, hands on hips, and chin up like they owned the place. Power posing like Wonder Woman not only improves self-esteem, but even hours later improves how other perceive you.

Kamm ended her presentation by encouraging members to be brave, amazing and worthy, to stand up, speak and be heard. In turn, she reminded, don’t forget to listen, too.

The Port St. Lucie Business Women is a professional organization dedicated to promoting the interests of business women and serving our community in an effective way. For more information visit www.pslbw.com. “Like” their Facebook page for updates about events, programs and community involvement.

Photo Credit: Diane Gallagher, DSG Designs & Photography

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