AmondaRose Igoe ( has taught thousands her Invincible Speaker step-by-step speaking system so they can effectively communicate their message, with amazing results. She shared her three-step proven success formula as she revealed public speaking secrets to the Port St. Lucie Business Women at their August 2 meeting.

AmondaRose began by asking how many liked chocolate. In a room filled exclusively with women the response was unanimous, of course! She extolled the virtues of chocolate, noting that many are willing to spend extra dollars for premium bars. Why, she queried? Because chocolate possesses three qualities she calls the three c’s.

  1. It has a clear message, i.e., it’s not trying to be vanilla or something else.
  2. It captivates with its creamy texture and rich taste.
  3. As a product it compels people to purchase it because of its unique qualities, as well as its clear message and captivating characteristics.

Keeping this in mind, AmondaRose connected the three c’s to the three b’s of her proven presentation success formula: breakdown, breakthrough and business message.

To avoid a breakdown, don’t do a data dump. “Don’t overwhelm your audience with too much information and unnecessary detail, or the audience will lose interest,” said AmondaRose.

Next she recommended creating a stand-out story. “Share a personal story that’s effective to emotionally connect and build trust with your audience,” she said. This is your breakthrough. However, make sure that the story you choose to share is tied to your business message.

Lastly, AmondaRose mentioned the missing “M.” The letter “M” stands for money. She emphasized the importance of connecting money with your business message, the third “b.” “People lose sleep over money,” said AmondaRose. “If you want to compel people to purchase your product or use your services you need to come up with three ways to make or save a potential client or customer money.” By doing so, she added, people will pay attention and take action.

“The empowered speaker magnetizes her audience and monetizes her message,” said AmondaRose. Incorporate these three steps into your presentations and you will double and even triple your results.

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