past president Karen Ostrand, treasurer Susan Fines, secretary Tammy Crandall, vice president Michelle MacNichol, president Cooie Newman and founding member Karen Miret.

The Port St. Lucie Business Women has ended its 35th year with the installation of new board members. The installation took place at the holiday gathering on Dec. 3 at the PGA Museum of Golf in St. Lucie West.

Founding member Karen Miret presented beautiful Christmas cactus plants to newly elected president Cooie Newman, vice president Michelle MacNichol, treasurer Susan Fines and secretary Tammy Crandall in a candlelight ceremony.

“We take great pride in the accomplishments of our organization and all of our members,” said Miret. “The Port St. Lucie Business Women members have faith and confidence in your ability to lead them onward.”

Miret lit a red candle held by outgoing president Karen Ostrand.

Miret continued, “The red candle of the outgoing president symbolizes courage, long life and good health. It is the strongest color of all hues — a quality needed for an unwavering determination to succeed.”

The red candle was placed in the center of a candelabra. As she called the name of each new board member, Miret recited their responsibilities. Each one pledged to faithfully perform all the duties belonging their elected office. Then each lit her white candle from the flame of the red candle and placed it in the candelabra.

At the end of the ceremony Miret addressed the membership and asked them to give the new board their whole-hearted support, encouragement and cooperation in the coming year. Board members removed their candles from the candelabra and circulated among the tables to start a candle-lighting circle, lighting attendees’ candles to “be the light and to spread the light.”

Karen Ostrand, Past President, Treasurer Susan Fines, Secretary Tammy Crandall, Vice President Michelle MacNichol, President Cooie Newman and founding member Karen Miret.