If you are a business professional who lives or works in St. Lucie County, you are eligible to join the Port St. Lucie Business Women. This awesome 37-year-old organization is open to women whose careers or professional positions are on an executive, administrative or managerial level.
Potential new members must be sponsored by a current member. New members must meet the membership requirements as set forth in the Bylaws and when voted upon by the membership.
Prior to submitting an application to the Port St. Lucie Business Women, interested individuals must attend two regularly scheduled meetings with their sponsor. Once this requirement is fulfilled, please download our application here and submit it to


Alice M. Soucey

Angela Hayle

Anita Fischer
Bobbi Deemer
Carissa Zerga

Carol Wyatt
Carolyn LevineCarolyn Levine

Catherine Griffin
Cathy Prisco
Cathy Prisco
Christina Lofthus, SecretaryChristina Lofthus

Christine Iannotti
Cooie Newman
Cooie Newman
Chris Adams
Cris Adams

Crystal Speirs
Dana Apfelbaum
Dana Apfelbaum

Dana Trabulsy

Danielle Wymer

Devon Dwyer

Diane Gallagher

Diana Gonzalez

Diann McDonough

Donna E. DeMarchi

Donna Mulvey

Dorothy Kamm

Elaine Anderson

Ellen Falk

Esperanza Morales
Jennifer Wiggins

Jessica Parrish

Jill Todd

Karen Miret

Karen Ostrand

Karla J. Tovar

Kathy Post

Laura Barnes

Lauryn Logsdon

Lauren Koff

Lee Hicks

Lesley Huff

Lindsey Concannon

Lori Finkel

Lorett DeSantis-Fribourg

Lynette Marraffa

Madelyn Katz

Mandy Sauter

Maria Bordonaro

Marsha Thompson
Marilyn Lawless

Maureen Darcy

Maureen O. Vanterpool, Ph.D.

Melissa Winstead

Megan Narewski

Michelle Glass

Michele Backus
Michelle Franklin

Michelle Hughes

Mindi Fetterman

Natalie Boyland

Pam Houghten

Patricia Christensen

Patricia Garcia King
Robbi Giaccone
Sasha Dadan-Bonna
Shirley Hobby
Shirley Melachrinoudis

Shrita Walker
Stephanie Morgan
Sue- Ellen Sanders
Susan Fines
Susan Hutchinson

Sydney Liebman
Tammy Crandell

Terri Larrivee-Schulte

Theresa Wyres

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