Teej Cummins, Professional Sales and Leadership Coach for Southwestern Consulting (TeejCumminsSWC.com), empowered the Port St. Lucie Business Women with tips to move their businesses in a positive direction at their August 1 meeting.

According to Cummins, there are three habits successful professionals master: they have strong skills, they have strong sales or service motivation, and they have systems in place to carry out their plans. Skills needed to be successful include not only being computer literate but also knowing how to close and overcome objections, for example.

Having systems in place include hiring the right people, delegation and time management. Creating better systems allows us to multiply our time through better organization. “What is your time worth?” Cummins asks. “Manage it! Invest it! If we don’t master our habits, we’ll fail.”

Have a clear purpose and a clear vision. Then take ownership of your dream by holding yourself accountable. Whether personal or business, the definition of ownership is goals. “Everything about your business is a reflection of your commitment,” says Cummins. “Are you willing to live your dreams? Your personal vision should borderline on delusions of grandeur!” she emphasizes.

“Oftentimes we put the PRO in procrastination,” says Cummins. Having goals but being perpetually “busy” undermines potential success. “When we run into a friend or colleague and tell them we meant to call but we’ve been ‘busy,’ often the other person says she understands because she’s been ‘busy,’ too,” says Cummins. “Busy is a four-letter word.” She rhetorically asks, what are you so busy doing? Get in the habit of taking immediate action so you can gather more referrals, set more appointments, close more sales and gain more buy-in.

Above all, emphasized Cummins, “If you want to stop starting over, stop quitting.”